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Offset your CO2 emissions through smart market based mechanisms in the voluntary market. For many companies, carbon markets play an important role in offsetting their impact on the environment and meeting climate targets.

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Companies to procure carbon credits, emission reduction certificates and Renewable energy certificates, which funds a GHG reduction project such as reforestation. This allows the company to offset their GHG emissions.

Renewable Energy

Guarantees of Origin are market-based instruments and an effective way to increase the market momentum for renewable energy.

Carbon Credits

Carbon markets enable the trading of carbon credits, also referred to as carbon offsets. One carbon credit is equivalent to one metric ton of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Emission Reductions

By purchasing and cancelling CERs, you claim their environmental benefit. In this way, you are responding to the challenge of climate change and helping our society move closer to global climate neutrality.

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Voluntary Markets

There are four main participants in voluntary carbon and renewables energy markets:

  1. Project Developers: Teams who design and implement carbon offset projects that generate carbon credits.
  2. Standards Bodies: Organizations that certify and set the criteria for carbon offsets e.g. Verra and the Gold Standard.
  3. Brokers: Intermediaries facilitating carbon credit transactions between buyers and project developers.
  4. End Buyers: Entities such as individuals or corporations looking to offset their carbon emissions through purchasing carbon credits.

Market Values Are Increasing

Today, oil majors, banks, and airlines are active players in the market. As corporate climate targets multiply, future demand for carbon credits is projected to jump 15-fold by 2030 according to the Task Force on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets.

  • Verification: Monitored, reported, and verified by a credible third-party
  • Measurability: Calculated according to scientific data through a recognized methodology
  • Permanence: Carbon reduction or removal will not be reversed

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